BOS-Odem is the representative of the following companies:


Since producing the world’s first TFT LCD modules for laptop computers, NLT Technologies has been at the
forefront of the industry as a leader in innovation with some of the finest technology and development standards
in the industry. Engineers from a range of fields such as device physics, electronic engineering, liquid crystal
optics, color science, information engineering and ergonomics are able to pool their expertise in a coordinated
research and development structure. Driven by a unique engineering spirit predicated on our strong customer
focus, we are dedicated to continuously producing the latest technologies for next-generation displays.

Yeebo Group was established in 1988, and principally has been engaging in developing, manufacturing and marketing of high quality Monochrome LCD and LCD Modules. Yeebo’s products have a strong global presence in key electronic market sectors including Automotive indumenta, Telecommunications, Medical equipment and Electronic consumable products such as Audio, White products, Watches and Electronic notebooks.

Yeebo Group is a publicly held company listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. With headquarter located in Hong Kong, our manufacturing activities operate with one each LCD manufacturing plant and LCM assembly plant in Jiangmen, Guangdong. Our LCD foundry and LCM assembly facilities are equipped with multiple, highly automated production lines which have latest state-of-the-art equipment to produce ITO coated glass. Lately the group successfully developed OLED, together with Tsinghua University and has invested in Kunshan Visionox Technology Company Ltd. who specialized at OLED manufacturing.

Fema Electronics serves over 10 industries offering the widest selection of LCD products including standard LCD modules, TFT color LCDs, custom LCD products and much more. To cater to the needs of its customer base, Fema products and much more. To cater to the needs of its customer base, Fema expanded its product offering to include LCD related products such as LEDs, Membrane Switches, Silicon Rubber Keypads, Metal Frontplates and Plastic Enclosures.

With its proprietary materials and unique re-workable process, CiVUE provides the most advanced and cost-effective Optical Bonding solutions that enable sunlight readability without modifying backlight, providing vandal resistance for outdoor view flat panel displays and portable devices.

Satronics specialize in designing, developing and manufacturing of high performance LCD panels, LCD modules (LCM) .

We also supply brands TFT Module.

Our main products as below:

LCD mono module: Character and graphic COB, COG, TAB

TFT module: From 3.5inch to 19inch