The electronic components division generates the majority of Odem’s business in two fields:
1. Sales engineering for various imported components and franchised distribution.
2. Supply chain and services for the purchasing and operations of a broad spectrum of electronic components and sub systems for the hi-tech, aviation and military industries in Israel.

We divided the components into the following groups, under each group we presented the rellevant companies we represent.

Passive Components

Resistors, capacitors, colis, inductors, magnetic, oscillators and filters

Active Components

Discrete Semiconductors and Integrated Circuits from various quality Manufacturers. Odem specializes in Active components and is a Representative of some of the leading companies in this area.

Electro-Mechanical Components

Electro mechanical parts especially to the avionics, military and industrial market. Switches, pressure switches, thermostats, relays, circuit breakers, connectors, Fuses, fans, socket, cables, sensors, terminals, and cables. Odem also specializes in RF products.

Obsolete Components

We support all brands with sources in the high level distribution channel. Over 500 supplier’s worldwide – including access to high quality stock and military parts.

Power Products

Power supplies, DC-DC converters. AC-DC, Inverters, Transformers


RF Filters, Connectors, RF Switches, Attenuators, Cable Essembly