Dedicated to the design in of Electronics components amongst the products we offer are ( Connectors, Relays, Circuit breakers, Switches, Displays, Rf , Backshells, Power, Active, Passive , Sensors , Imaging, GPS, Rfid,  CMOS- CCD products, Camera And more ) Our Design in engineers and sales team are supporting the customers from all the technology industry and provide added value to the manufactures we represent and distribute with over 1000 customers satsified.

Connectors And Backshells

  • Power & Hybrid, D-SUB, Rectangular /Circular/ Custom Connectors, Backshells.
  • Military and Aero Space Connectors.
  • Push – Pull Connectors (Circular Connectors), Overmold Cabling.
  • Hermetic feedthroughs solutions (flanges + different types of hermetic connectors).
  • Filtered connectors, implemented/ stand-alone EMI/RFI solutions, Cables & Harnesses.

Cases And Enclossures

  • Protective case, Promotional case, Transport case.
  • Foam/ Custom Sets, RF Shielding, Flame Retardant.
  • Drawn Cans, Carrying Cases, Transit and Storage Cases, 19-inch Rackmount Cases, Accessories and Hardware, Modular Containers.
  • Regulating, Heating, Cooling, Measuring, Lighting.


  • AC/DC CONVERTERS, DC/DC CONVERTERS , Customized Power Solution.
  • AC-DC Power Supplies, DC-DC Power Supplies.
  • Medical power module
  • e-Mobility Converters, Isolated/Non-isolated DC-DC Converters,

Displays and LCDs

  • LCD Module, TFT module, Capacitive Touch Panel, Touch Display.
  • LCD with LVDS interface,
  • HMI touch screen, TFT LCD display

Sensors, Location Devices and Electro Mechanic

  • MEMS gyroscope sensors, MEMS accelerometer sensors, MEMS inertial measurement, Evaluation Boards, and USB Interface Kits.
  • Rotary /Keylock / Illuminated Switches, Optical Encoders, Avionic Panel.
  • Optical Sensors, Pressures sensors, Pressures transmitters, Level sensors, Flow sensors, Blue next cameras, and Power semiconductors.
  • fan ventilation solutions.
  • Circuit breakers, Joysticks, Thermostat, Switches, Position Sensors, Latching/Non-Latching Relays, Sockets, Timers, Brush /Brushless &
    Synchronous Motors, Actuators, Controllers, Solid State Relays (SSR), Relays, Power Supplies, Pneumatics.

RF And Microwave

  • Cavity Filters, DR filters, LC filters, SAW filters, Modules.
  • RF/Microwave Multilayer/Broadband Multilayer/Non -magnetic Ceramic Capacitors.
  • 5g & LTE/4G Antennas, GSM & 3G Antennas, GPS & GNSS Antennas, 2.4 & 5.8 GHz Antennas, 169/433/868/915 Antennas, UWB, VHF & UHF Antennas, RF Cables.

Various And Others

  • Memory Modules, DRAM Modules, Solid State Drives, Portable SSDs, Portable Hard Drives, USB Flash Drives, Flash Cards Power Banks.
  • Industrial & Embedded Motherboard, Single Board Computer, Embedded Peripherals.
  • High -performance servo drivers and servo drive modules for harsh environments and mission -critical applications such as defense and commercial ground vehicles, aerospace, space, naval defense and maritime applications, and unmanned systems.
  • Analog and mixed -signal ICs, advanced circuit devices, integrated power systems, and high -performance integrated components for  computing.
  • Contact materials, Specialized Rotary Materials, Carbon Brushes, Sub Assembly