BOS-Odem’s supply chain services

Design In

Dedicated to the design in of Electronics components amongst the products we offer are ( Connectors, Relays, Circuit breakers, Switches, Displays, Rf , Backshells, Power, Active, Passive , Sensors , Imaging, GPS, Rfid,  CMOS- CCD products, Camera And more ) Our Design in engineers and sales team are supporting the customers from all the technology industry and provide added value to the manufactures we represent and distribute with over 1000 customers satsified.

Kitting And Stock

Our creative logistics solutions include a kitting service, in which customers define the
package of components they need, saving them the time, effort and money and logistical
headache involved with purchasing from multiple suppliers.
In addition to kitting, BOS-Odem offers stock handling services, whereby customers can
leave their stock in our facilities and then withdraw it as needed.

U.S. Subsidiary – Ruby Tech