Connectors And Backshells

Bos Odem is a representative of the following companies:

Positronic Industries is a manufacturer of high performance and high reliability connectors. Diversifies connectors such as: power connectors, circular connectors, rectangular connectors (Rack and Panel connectors) and D-subminiature connectors (D-sub connectors) are offered with a variety of options including: RoHS compliant, standard and high density, coax contacts, high voltage contacts, PCB mount connectors (including press-fit connectors), cable connectors (crimp contacts or solder contacts), thermocouple connectors, sealed connectors, space flight connectors, blind mate connectors, sequential mate connectors, hot swap power supply connectors, Hermetic connectors (hermetically sealed and waterproof connectors). Selected products meet one or more standards such as: Military connector (Mil spec connector) per: MIL-DTL-24308 (M24308), MIL-C-39029 (M39029, SAE AS 39029), MIL-DTL-28748 (M28748), GSFC S-311 Goddard Aerospace connector, CCITT V.35 connector, Compact PCI power connector (PICMG 2.11 P 47 connector), Advanced TCA Power connector (PICMG 3.0 ATCA Zone 1 Power connector), SAE J 2496, Micro TCA Input Power Connector (MTCA.0 Power Connector).

Amphenol is one of the world’s largest providers of high-technology interconnect, sensor and antenna solutions. Our products Enable the Electronics Revolution across virtually every end market including Automotive, Broadband Communications, Commercial Aerospace, Industrial, Information Technology and Data Communications, Military, Mobile Devices and Mobile Networks.

Fischer Connectors: More than 65 years of world-renowned expertise, know-how and pioneering innovation in
harsh-environment connectivity technologies such as ruggedness and endurance, sealing and
hermeticity, miniaturization and high density, and faultless data transmission.

Edac Inc. is a Canadian success story. Established in 1966, Edac became a world leader in the Card Edge and Rack & Panel industry. The connector has evolved over the last 40 years and Edac has been one of the leaders in the industry’s evolution. Edac offers a wide range of products including Card Edge, Rack and Panel, RJ45 & Telecom Jacks, USB & Firewire, Waterproof, PLCC Sockets, D-Sub, Pin Headers and custom cable assemblies. Edac also has the ability to deliver custom connectors ranging from minor product variations to full custom solutions from concept to finished goods in less than 12 weeks and prototypes usually under 4 weeks.

BOS-Odem can also support low volume orders for many product variations which many of our competitors can not. We do this because our commitment is not only to your production needs but all your prototyping needs as well.

RF Immunity specializesin the design and manufacturing of EMI/RFI filtered connectors, transient protection connectors and hermetically sealed and customized connectors. Their products are based on highly advanced filtering technologies and techniques, and excel in the design and manufacturing of unique filtering solutions, made to meet the specific requirements of each customer. The miniaturized RF Immunity products are renowned for their quality and they perform perfectly under extreme environmental conditions.

El-Com Systems is a leader in electronic interconnect manufacturing and solutions. We specialize in custom wire harnesses and cable assemblies for high-reliability products and industries. For over 30 years, many of the companies that we serve are industry and technology leaders amongst numerous Fortune 500 companies.

El-Com has deep skills and experience in the following:

  • Build-to-print manufacturing of complex custom wire harnesses.
  • Build-to-specification development and production of interconnect assemblies.
  • Selection of materials and manufacturing processes.
  • Development of test and validation methodologies.

Switchcraft is a leading supplier of a broad line of components for the audio, video, telecommunication, computer, medical, military, appliance, transportation and instrumentation industries: waterproof, watertight and submersible connectors and assemblies all plactic product lines to include metal shell as well as EMI/RFI shielded connectors and cable assemblies.