The electronic components division generates the majority of Odem’s business in two fields:
1. Sales engineering for various imported components and franchised distribution.
2. Supply chain and services for the purchasing and operations of a broad spectrum of electronic components and sub systems for the hi-tech, aviation and military industries in Israel.

We divided the components into the following groups, under each group we presented the rellevant companies we represent.

Connectors And Backshells

  • Power & Hybrid, D-SUB, Rectangular /Circular/ Custom Connectors, Backshells.
  • Military and Aero Space Connectors.
  • Push – Pull Connectors (Circular Connectors), Overmold Cabling.
  • Hermetic feedthroughs solutions (flanges + different types of hermetic connectors).
  • Filtered connectors, implemented/ stand-alone EMI/RFI solutions, Cables & Harnesses.

Cases And Enclossures

  • Protective case, Promotional case, Transport case.
  • Foam/ Custom Sets, RF Shielding, Flame Retardant.
  • Drawn Cans, Carrying Cases, Transit and Storage Cases, 19-inch Rackmount Cases, Accessories and Hardware, Modular Containers.
  • Regulating, Heating, Cooling, Measuring, Lighting.


  • AC/DC CONVERTERS, DC/DC CONVERTERS , Customized Power Solution.
  • AC-DC Power Supplies, DC-DC Power Supplies.
  • Medical power module
  • e-Mobility Converters, Isolated/Non-isolated DC-DC Converters,

Displays and LCDs

  • LCD Module, TFT module, Capacitive Touch Panel, Touch Display.
  • LCD with LVDS interface,
  • HMI touch screen, TFT LCD display

Sensors, Location Devices and Electro Mechanic

  • MEMS gyroscope sensors, MEMS accelerometer sensors, MEMS inertial measurement, Evaluation Boards, and USB Interface Kits.
  • Rotary /Keylock / Illuminated Switches, Optical Encoders, Avionic Panel.
  • Optical Sensors, Pressures sensors, Pressures transmitters, Level sensors, Flow sensors, Blue next cameras, and Power semiconductors.
  • fan ventilation solutions.
  • Circuit breakers, Joysticks, Thermostat, Switches, Position Sensors, Latching/Non-Latching Relays, Sockets, Timers, Brush /Brushless &
    Synchronous Motors, Actuators, Controllers, Solid State Relays (SSR), Relays, Power Supplies, Pneumatics.

RF And Microwave

  • Cavity Filters, DR filters, LC filters, SAW filters, Modules.
  • RF/Microwave Multilayer/Broadband Multilayer/Non -magnetic Ceramic Capacitors.
  • 5g & LTE/4G Antennas, GSM & 3G Antennas, GPS & GNSS Antennas, 2.4 & 5.8 GHz Antennas, 169/433/868/915 Antennas, UWB, VHF & UHF Antennas, RF Cables.

Various And Others

  • Memory Modules, DRAM Modules, Solid State Drives, Portable SSDs, Portable Hard Drives, USB Flash Drives, Flash Cards Power Banks.
  • Industrial & Embedded Motherboard, Single Board Computer, Embedded Peripherals.
  • High -performance servo drivers and servo drive modules for harsh environments and mission -critical applications such as defense and commercial ground vehicles, aerospace, space, naval defense and maritime applications, and unmanned systems.
  • Analog and mixed -signal ICs, advanced circuit devices, integrated power systems, and high -performance integrated components for  computing.
  • Contact materials, Specialized Rotary Materials, Carbon Brushes, Sub Assembly