Resistors, capacitors, colis, inductors, magnetic, oscillators and filters

Odem is a representative of the following companies:

Vitrohm specializes in Wirewound and Power Resistors: Wire wound, SMD, low ohm and Chips, Multilayer capacitor chips, Inductors and more.

Central Technologies is a leading provider of quality inductive components and industry standard magnetics to major OEMs worldwide.Central Technologies is a manufacturer of Inductors, Chokes, Coils, Beads, Toroids, DC/DC Coverters, Transformers, Filters, Antennas, Resistors and Telecommunications, XDSL& LAN components. Cross to Coiltronics, Coilcraft, Philips, Pulse and more.

Innovative product design and state-of-the art manufacturing processes have placed Taiyo Yuden on the cutting edge of electronic component technology.
The company offers a wide range of surface mount and leaded passive electronic components including inductors, ceramic capacitors, ferrite EMI suppression components, piezoelectric products and other specialty electronic components.