Odem has multiple sources for obsolete components in the high level distribution channel: Over 500 supplier’s worldwide – including access to high quality stock and military parts.

Bos Odem is a representative of the following companies:

Minco is a leading semiconductor processor, assembler and tester serving the medical, military, space and commercial industries.
Minco is an industry leader in wafer and die processing and succeed to maintain a full semiconductor processing capability. Minco offers wafer probe to various temperatures and specifications. Minco has the capability to saw different size wafers along with different metallization. Minco’s broad memory portfolio of DSCC QML approved SRAM products offer solutions for each of these Aerospace, Military and Industrial High Temperature applications.

Lansdale is a continuous obsolete semiconductor component manufacturer. That it’s components spectrum includes IC’s from Motorola / Freescale for the wireless and RF communications markets.

Boca Semiconductors is a manufacturer and supplier of discrete semiconductor. Boca supports: TI, Microsemi, Fairchild, Motorola, ON Semi and NSC on the products: Transistors, Recti.ers, SCR’s, Unijuctions.