BOS-Odem has multiple sources for electronic components in the high level distribution channel, with over 500 suppliers worldwide and access to high quality stock and military parts. Among these sources you may find also the following:

Airtechnics offers customers the capabilities for assembly, specialized packaging, delivery and documentation with a half century of experience supported by a new 70,000 square foot facility. Airtechnics’ capabilities include electronic data interchange, customer specific bar coding, computerized shipping and package tracking, as well as custom ESD packaging.

Newark InOne is a market-leading, knowledge-based distributor of electronic components, stockroom management services and eProcurement solutions. Newark InOne provides customers with exceptional one-to-one services, the most appropriate selection of electronic products and unique value-added services through an understanding of individual customer needs. Customers include professionals working in design, maintenance and purchasing.

Farnell InOne is a world-leading marketer and distributor of electronic and maintenance repair and operations (MRO) products and services. Farnell InOne provides unsurpassed one-to-one service to its customers – professionals working in design, maintenance, production and purchasing. Farnell InOne offers a unique combination of the most relevant range of electronic and MRO products, together with tailored services, supported by its unparalleled understanding of customers requirements, and a reputation for its industry-leading eCommerce and eProcurement solutions.

BOS-Odem has developed with Farnell an R&D program to supply quick solutions for stock in addition to technical support for the R&D professionals.

CDM Electronics specializes in Relay Sockets, Circular Connectors, Printed Circuit Connectors, Rack and Panel Connectors, RF Connectors, Audio Communications Connectors, Coaxial Cables.